Program Cycle

SVTC approaches projects across all business areas with the same basic program plan.  The program plan is in 5 stages ending with the start of the strategic and tactical work efforts.

  • Stage 1 – Initial Discussion  – This stage is typically  0.5-1.0 hour and is at no cost to the client.  It is used to determine the needs and time frame of the client’s project, and if SVTC has specialists and partners who have familiarity with this space and would be able to provide a positive “catalyst” function for project to move it forward.
  • Stage 2 – Program Consideration –  This stage is a fixed price stage that is priced to be cost effective and affordable for clients ranging from self-financed one-person companies through established operating companies.  This stage focuses on determining what sort of program the client is interested in, and getting the criteria to identify team members & partners for the project.
  • Stage 3 – Team Identification – This stage is an hourly priced stage that arranges meetings with prospective advisers, team members, and partners to work on the strategic and tactical aspects of the project.
  • Stage 4 – Program Specification –  This stage is an hourly based Not-To-Exceed priced stage that results in the creation of a detailed scope of work and timeline for the project.
  • Stage 5 – Program Start – This stage is the kickoff of the project specific strategic and tactical aspects of the project.  This portion includes the oversight and project management of  SVTC partners and their integration into the clients product life-cycle ecosystem.


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