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view-of-earth-at-night_lighterThe business environment has shifted for both B2B and B2C programs.  The once straight forward single topic vertical market place has given way to mixed use and mixed application markets.  This mixing of markets is being driven by technology.  This change has affected R&D, product companies, service companies and even governments and infrastructure.

The de-facto leader in the invention and implementation of new technology ideas is the United States and the region known as the Silicon Valley.  This region is synonymous with being at the forefront of the electronics and information age in the last century and has once again taken its place as the core of the mobile & web centric global lifestyle.

The essence of this new lifestyle is the command and control of information and devices to improve the efficiency and quality of life, and not letting the technology rule your life.  This means the solutions and markets in the global community are mixing.  This shift is indicative of the lateral market thinking that dominates the Silicon Valley business community.

Our group has not only embraced these concepts, but has spent decades implementing these ideals.  As a differentiation from other groups our specialists do not bring a single point of view background.  In the business consulting arena, while there is a certain skill set optimization that comes from tactical ex-employees with 20+yr of experience from only one company who worked on the same products with the same team the entire time; it is difficult for these contributors to embrace or accept a wide vision or have an understanding of options and concepts outside of their experience base.  This experience has limited value for companies that are seeking a strategic view or creating a business & marketing model for an innovation that has not existed in the global market as yet.

Our team is comprised of industry leaders and individuals who have focused on the multiple market strategy of working with clients in semiconductors, software, systems manufacturing, life sciences, medical products, consumer products, education, fashion, automotive, media broadcast & consumption, retail, wholesale, logistics, art, music, movies, solar, airlines, finance, defense, governmental & non-profit organization programs over their careers.  The group has individual accomplishments of well over 400 projects of both a strategic and tactical scope, and been operating independently since the 1980’s.  What this range of experience brings is not only a global perspective, but an embrace and understanding of new ideas entering the marketplace as well the retargeting to new applications for existing products.

Whether you needs are to orchestrate a global expansion from a US marketing and manufacturing base for an existing product line or creation of a new business model for a product/idea/service that has never been in the market before and therefore has no “known vertical” to track or are just planning expansion to the US market for access to personnel, resources and R&D/educational partners, our team is enthusiastic and available to support your goals.

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  1. Kate Lonergan // February 26, 2018 at 12:21 pm // Reply


    By way of introduction, my name is Kate Lonergan and I am very interested in volunteering for the Silicon Valley Trade Council. After working in financial consulting for EY over the last three and a half years, I want to utilize my skills and explore the economic development / international trade world. I am looking to volunteer from April to June and would love to chat about where you see my skills fit.



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